High Ridge Family Practice is located at 30 Buxton Farms Road, just off High Ridge Road near the entrance to the Meritt Parkway. Check the Contact Information page for maps and driving directions.
Phone: 203-322-7070


High Ridge Family Practice makes your medical chart available to you at home or anywhere you have internet access through a secure portal called WebView.
Learn more about Webview.


High Ridge Family Practice offers a service called Instant Medical History that will allow you to give your doctor health care information prior to your office visit in a secure manner. This will aid your doctor in your care and save yourself time during your office visit. Learn how to access Instant Medical History here.



Patients, please read and fill out the registration and pre-registration forms prior to your initial visit and at the beginning of each new year.


High Ridge Family Practice is now offering nutritional plans and products for healthy eating and weight loss through Nutrametrix to patients. Access our Nutrametrix Portal.

Aesthetic Medicine

We now offer a variety of services with cosmetic benefits. These include laser hair removal using a LightSheer™ diode laser, acne treatments with Omnilux™ light therapy, photo rejuvenation, light therapy for treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers, combination light therapy with chemical peels, post-operative wound healing, laser skin resurfacing, treatment of HPV-induced hand and foot warts, and treatment of rosacea. All treatments are performed under the supervision of the Practice's physicians.








High Ridge Family Practice is the first medical office in the area to offer this innovative method for the evaluation of your brain health and detect early signs of impairment. Cognivue® is the world’s first FDA cleared, computer based solution to test your brain health.

  • Do you have any concerns regarding your
    brain health, memory or cognitive (mental)
  • Are you worried about family members’ memory, cognition or mental functions?
  • Are you taking medication for sleep, pain, or high cholesterol?
  • Do you have diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, depression, sleep disorders, or chronic pain?


This simple 10 minute test
can help establish a
memory baseline for cognitive brain health.


Ask your provider about Cognivue® today!

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